For years I have been working to create a program that will help families and young people find greater purpose in life, and to experience the excitement of innovation and creativity, as they develop their talents and passions through new businesses and opportunities that far surpass the average education and career path. While education is extremely important, I believe there is so much more out there than getting a degree, building a resume, and finding a job. This program (Raising Entrepreneurs – Connecting Your Work with God’s Work) is built to help you understand your God-given talents and passions, find greater purpose in life, and get on track with building something great – all based upon Biblical principles that are timeless and absolute.” – David Stelzl

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About David Stelzl

David Stelzl has been home schooling alongside his wife for over twenty years.  After getting intimately involved, he has come to believe that there is so much more out there for families willing to take seriously the raising of children. He believes God’s ways work and that the potential of a discipleship-based home school program can lead to much more than graduation and a job.

Described as a visionary and out-of-the-box thinker, David teaches individuals and families how to escape mediocrity through a program he and his family call, Raising Entrepreneurs. With a passion for helping people reach their potential by avoiding traditional school and corporate indoctrination, David is leading a movement to inspire people to use their God-given gifts and passions to their fullest, and to pursue their highest calling.

A business speaker, executive coach, and sales & marketing consultant by trade, David is passionate about bringing sound entrepreneurial business thinking and creativity to families and young people at an early age.  Committed to Biblical teachings on discipleship and family, he has worked hard to develop alternatives to traditional and largely unsuccessful educational programs, and what he calls corporate bondage, a life he describes as enslavement to the bureaucracy and compromise prevalent in most large businesses.  He is best know for investing in his children early on, to build small businesses, taking learning out of the classroom with it’s textbooks and time consuming formality.  His ideas on not recreating the public school system at home have pushed many to reconsider how they spend their teaching time and have served to  challenge the status quo of education in America.

David’s unconventional and innovative views on education and small business have attracted global attention and have earned him invitations to work with home school visionaries, speak at conferences, and share his views in publications geared to homeschooling families.

David shares his convictions with all who will listen. His message is not just about entrepreneurship, but encompasses much more.  His topics include successful family life and the development of a team spirit and willingness to love and work together; homeschooling methods that challenge the “big business” presuppositions given to us by American industrial leaders, parenting practices that stand against today’s attacks on the very definition of “family”, and small business principles taught at an early age and used as a platform for invaluable life skills.

David is an internationally recognized consultant and speaker in the technology world,  and the author of three books including, The House & the Cloud, Data@Risk, and From Vendor to Adviser. He is also an active voluntary participant in Embassy University and the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles) Business Leaders Conference Program, headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so thrilled to know this programme, and I still remember how I have encouraged when I first watched your teaching through online at Embassy Institute, it was sometime near last Christmas.
    Please allow me to take this chance to thank you, those videos are really lift me up and let me see there must still having hope on my children’s future.
    Looking forward the programme will be held in Hong Kong one day.
    Also I will pray for the possibility of attending this programme in United State.
    Thanks indeed!
    ice Funabashi

  2. Just learning about you and your program and it looks great! I knew I was lead to entrepreneurship and also knew I wouldn’t leave my family so the thought of a family economy….a family business just lit the light bulb! This past year we attended a Family Economics conference hosted by Kevin Swanson and that only fueled the passion. I am looking forward to learning more about the resources you offer and we be looking to see if you plan to host another conference…we are up in Illinois but God has lead me to do crazy things like pack up a bunch a kids and head across the country for a conference!

    Many blessings,
    Carolyne Jimenez

    • Thanks for reading Carolyne – we hope to have another Raising Entrepreneurs conference at the start of the year – 2013. That will be announced right here on our blog, and you can also join our mailing list but letting us know you want to be added to it.

  3. Hi Dave, I would like to know how we could benefit more from your teachings? We live in South Africa, and I was SO THRILLED to read about the work you are putting into raising godly entrepeneurs. My boys are now aged 2 and 5, and I would love to link up with you so that I might tap into your homeschooling business knowledge.

    I want to ad, God gave me a vision a year or so ago, that me and my children would build businesses together to glorify His Name! I am both thrilled at the challenge, and slightly taken aback, as I dont count myself at all knowledgable about business. BUT, I do TRUST in God with all my heart, and as a Parent, I am looking for ways to get my head ‘in the game’.

    I was raised in a unhealthy ‘money loving’ home, so a would love to build up a support system for myself (of God loving people), that I can rely on to help me with Biblical advice (when and if it is needed)

    Thus, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

    God Bless

    • Thanks for your encouraging comments Jessica. This coming year we are hoping to be able to put more tools and resources out for our young entrepreneurs. We see the need and are looking at ways to develop useful tools to help people get started wherever they are. We’ll look forward to keep in touch here – make sure you are subscribed to our blog as we begin posting more ideas in the New Year.

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