Creating Digital Products

My Book

I’ve just completed a draft of my 4th book (written for technology companies I work with) – however, unlike my other three books, this one is an ebook.  It’s shorter than my other books (just under 100 pages), and will only be available as a PDF.  This is a product that anyone with a computer can produce.  It’s copyright protected, intellectual capital that can be sold.  It will probably sell for less than a book (although that is not always the case), but then there is no cost of goods sold (COGS).

I got the idea while I was reading the $100 Start Up book.  In his book, Author Chris Guillebeau shares the story of a guy who wrote a users guide for a shareware product called Evernote (which I happen to use).  This person was an avid user of Evernote.  There didn’t seem to be any documentation on how to use Evernote, so this guy decided to write a comprehensive guide, publish it as an ebook, and distribute it online for about $14. In one year he grossed over $180,000!

You Can Write a Book

This is something you can do!  You don’t need an editor, publicist, or agent.  Find something your people group really needs to know about, research it, and start writing.  Look for places where people are struggling, find a solution, and document it.  This is how great ideas are formed.  Don’t worry about coming up with a best seller – and it may take a few tries before you hit something that really sells.  But the longer you wait, the less likely it is that you’ll ever get started.

My book is in the editing stage right now.  Next I plan to develop a course to go along with it – which I will host online.  So from a simple idea came a book, then a course, and who knows where it will go from there.

© 2012, David Stelzl

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One thought on “Creating Digital Products

  1. Dave, that’s very good information about the e-book. Congratulations to you and thanks for sharing! What would be extremely helpful would be for you to share the ABCs of the process for doing this; even the smallest of details are important to people who have never tried it.

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