The “Back to Eden” Film – Inspiring!

Building a Farming Business

A family that recently attended our Raising Entrepreneurs Conference sent us THIS FILM as a gift.  My son was so excited that he watched it twice and then called the guy who made the film for more details.  Not being a big gardener myself, I was skeptical, but after watching it, I too wanted to run out and try this…

Watch the Back to Eden Film FREE online (CLICK)

For those of you who have tried to make a business out of gardening, this film is a must.  I don’t know yet if it all works like he says it does, but his story is compelling and his theories are not hard to test.  In a nutshell:

Summary of Back to Eden

1. His research is based on wisdom God has given him as he looks at scripture and cries out to God for better ways to garden.

2. Looking at nature, he sees how the land is always covered with something.  It either has mulch, stone, or grass.  Where the land is uncovered, it is dried out, bare, and compact.  Desserts and gardens are in the ladder state.  But the woods is always flourishing and covered.

3. Taking these ideas to his garden, he has tested various coverings and found wood chips to be the best.  He has eliminated the tilling process – in fact he sold his tiller!  If this is true, I will really be excited because I was getting ready to replace mine.

I could go on, but watch the film and see what he says.  If my garden looks like his does a year from now, I will be sure to post some pictures!

© 2012, David Stelzl

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2 thoughts on “The “Back to Eden” Film – Inspiring!

  1. We really enjoyed this film. We found it back in the spring and have recommended it to several people. Our garden did very well and it was our first time trying. It was a joy to watch. My husband watched it over and over.

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