The Family Farm Vision

Monday I had  the privilege of spending the day at Honeybrook Farms in Culpeper Va.  I met this family years ago at a Christmas dinner in Dallas – they’ve been homeschooling as long as we have, and have shared this vision of entrepreneurship from the start.

Years ago they purchased this land (pictured above), praying that one day they would be able to build their home here and establish a farm where their children would be able to work together to raise produce and cattle. The father’s grandfather was a farmer long ago, so that desire to work out on the land has been passed on as a dream.  Well, this year they did it!  The Lord provided everything they needed to build their home, and as you can see in the picture, their gardening is underway.  They have orchards, organic crops, and chickens.  The next step is cattle.  They have met some of the local farmers, explored selling at farmer’s markets, and are now looking at different sales channels through which they will sell their goods.

As I met with their family to discuss vision and strategy on Monday, I could see the glow in their faces.  What a change from the rat race of Fairfax Va., their home up until about a year ago.  There’s an excitement in their eyes as they look out over their land and envision their future businesses.  In our meeting I had each son and daughter share their vision of what they want to do on the farm.  We talked about their plans, how to set goals, how to have productive weekly planning meetings, and how to establish greater value and unique differentiation in their business as they compete with other local farms.  I gave them some ideas on how to spend their time, balancing between selling, working the farm, and innovation.  This is a business I hope to stay in touch with as they go from vision to execution.  Just a few years ago, this move seemed impossible.  But through much prayer and endurance, they are headed toward success.

© 2012, David Stelzl

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