Visting w/ Otto Koning at The Virgina FEW Conference

This weekend we had the blessing of spending the weekend with Otto Koning, author of The Pineapple Story!  Our family attended the annual FEW family conference in Brandy Station VA. along with Otto and many other homeschooling families we have grown to enjoy fellowship with over the years. During our trip Otto shared with us adventures of growing up in Holland during the war (World War II), some of his favorite authors and biographies, and an update on the people he served in his mission work years ago.  This was an exciting time for our family.  We have been listening to his stories for almost twenty year now on tapes and CDs, so it was exciting to meet him in person.

When I asked the men at the conference, “How many here have a copy of Otto’s Pineapple Story”, almost every man raised his hand!  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it…Otto’s testimony of how God worked in his life to resolve feelings of anger and selfishness is a resource your entire family will benefit from and enjoy.  Otto has a way of telling stories and giving illustrations that is powerful and entertaining.

We hope to invite him to speak at our church some time in the near future.

©2012, David Stelzl

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