Watching Our Parental Rights Erode

If you are part of the HSLDA you may have read this in the latest news bulletin – New Born Seized…in PA.  Having just become a great uncle, and listening to some of the treatment parents are receiving in the local hospitals when they don’t want all of the normal procedures, I was disturbed to read this…It was just last week that my own family members reported the hospital staff’s threats to get DSS involved.  When I first heard this, it was hard to believe the hospital would actually go through with their threats when the parents are obviously not negligent (at least as I see them – well dressed, together, not on drugs, and concerned for the best situation for their new born).  They just want to take a more natural approach – and perhaps question some of the doctor intervention being forced on us…please read this and pass it on:

What does this have to do with my Raising Entrepreneur’s blog – everything!  Entrepreneurial thinking, in my mind, is about challenging the status-quo system and maintaining our freedom to think and do what’s best.  To avoid the government system that pushes us into traditional education, and lands us into the corporate world to work like robots.  I believe there are better ways to do things. We’ve been given wisdom, God’s Word, gifts and talents, and hopefully a desire to do something great.  When someone stops us from asking good questions, researching the best options, and thinking outside the box, something is wrong…this case highlights what is happening to every aspect of raising up the next generation…

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© David Stelzl

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