A Proper Education – the Foundation for Discovery and Invention

While preparing for our Raising Entrepreneurs April conference in Arkansas, I was thinking about school and the purpose behind education.  It was just last weekend that I was meeting with a group of fathers after viewing a video by Karl Coke on education.  In the video he said there are only two things to study – God and Creation.  The funny thing is, even secular education institutions are studying one or both of these; but they’ll never admit it.  In his talk he points out several things worth pondering as we engage our children in education:

1. Thomas Edison, well known for inventing the light bulb, didn’t actually invent the light bulb.  Rather, he discovered what God has already built into his creation – Edison harnessed the tools and wisdom given to him by God to discover what God had already made possible.  When we look at it this way, we see that everything man is creating, is really a discovery or an application of what God has already made true.

2. Coke pointed out that, to study creation without God is stupid.  When we study science without the creator, we miss the most important aspects of science, since it is a creation.

3. Much time was spent building a case for two components of learning – to Observe and to Obey.  They are different according to Coke.  The first, to Observe, involves teaching and learning.  Obey has the idea of recalling to memory.  Both are necessary.

4. He pointed out the need for obedience to guard the moral behavior of man as he observes.  He can observe and discover nuclear physics or the making of the atom bomb, but moral responsibility comes with obedience to God’s word.

5. I think his most important point here is that it is the Holy Spirit that gives us Godly wisdom.  The natural man cannot comprehend this according to II Cor 2:14.  As we meditate on His Word, we can expect our wisdom and understanding in all areas of God and His Creation to grow.  If we want to accomplish great things while in this world, we would do well to follow the principles of education as described in scripture – God design education, His way, for His Purposes.

© 2012, David Stelzl

Watching Our Parental Rights Erode

If you are part of the HSLDA you may have read this in the latest news bulletin – New Born Seized…in PA.  Having just become a great uncle, and listening to some of the treatment parents are receiving in the local hospitals when they don’t want all of the normal procedures, I was disturbed to read this…It was just last week that my own family members reported the hospital staff’s threats to get DSS involved.  When I first heard this, it was hard to believe the hospital would actually go through with their threats when the parents are obviously not negligent (at least as I see them – well dressed, together, not on drugs, and concerned for the best situation for their new born).  They just want to take a more natural approach – and perhaps question some of the doctor intervention being forced on us…please read this and pass it on:


What does this have to do with my Raising Entrepreneur’s blog – everything!  Entrepreneurial thinking, in my mind, is about challenging the status-quo system and maintaining our freedom to think and do what’s best.  To avoid the government system that pushes us into traditional education, and lands us into the corporate world to work like robots.  I believe there are better ways to do things. We’ve been given wisdom, God’s Word, gifts and talents, and hopefully a desire to do something great.  When someone stops us from asking good questions, researching the best options, and thinking outside the box, something is wrong…this case highlights what is happening to every aspect of raising up the next generation…

Don’t forget to sign up and join us for the upcoming Entrepreneurial Conferences on our EVENTS page…for some out of the box thinking that will certainly challenge the norm, but lead us all to a better way of life.

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Simon Sinek Video – Why You Do What You Do

This afternoon I posted Simon Sinek’s video on my other blog site.  This video provides some creative insight into how people make buying decisions…another important lesson sales and marketing that you probably won’t get in a regular school program.

Take a look: http://davidstelzl.com/2012/03/22/simon-sinek-on-the-why-we-do-business/

New Conference Dates for Charlotte NC!

We have final dates for the Charlotte Raising Entrepreneurs Conference now…May 4/5 (this is a change from earlier dates which were May 11/12).  Check our events page – there is no charge for this event, so sign up here: http://raisingentrepreneursnc.eventbrite.com/

Seating is limited so make sure you tell us how many are coming, and cancel in advance if you cannot make it.  Thanks for helping us make this a great family/educational event!

The True Value of Sports in Your Homeschool Routine

One topic that continues to come up is “sports teams”.  What is the true value of participating in local sports teams (homeschool oriented or other)?  I often hear answers like, teamwork, leadership, character building…is this a good use of your limited time.  Here’s my analysis…

  • Most of the organized sports out there take an incredible amount of time.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting outdoors, riding bikes with the kids, and an occasional game of football.  But when I see entire families running around the city (and sometimes the country), chasing after the next game and spending hours on the field, I am grieved.  There is no long term benefit to becoming a soccer star while in high school unless you plan to be a pro ball player; to make it a career.
  • What about taking it all the way to pro?  I was talking with a father recently about his son’s incredibly busy schedule with baseball.  I asked him about the long term benefit, and he replied, he might actually be able to go pro!  Surprised by this, I asked him if he wanted his son to go pro.  He thought a moment, then replied, “I don’t know.”  I then said, “Well, let me ask it another way. If I gave your son several million dollars and surrounded him with immoral women, would he still become the man of God you want him to be?”  It’s a valid question.  He simply said, “No.”
  • Most sports teams operate on a “Survival of the fittest mentality.  There are a few stars who are worshiped by the team members. There are those who play often, and there are the losers who sit on the bench.  One coach may try to play everyone fairly, but it isn’t what the team really wants.  In the end, the great players are going to be idolized.  Is this what we want to teach our kids to value?
  • The family is the body of Christ – a small unit of the Church.  Today’s Church has largely divided the family, sending everyone off into their own little peer groups, and as a result, it has become a weak organization.  The way organized sports are run in this day and age, that team becomes the primary focus of anyone serious about the sport.  If you want to be one of the stars, you must commit with your whole heart.  This trains young men to do the same later in life when they join a company.  After all, this is what the company wants.  We are called to serve as part of the body, not the team.

I’d be interested in our thoughts – I know this has to be a controversial subject – but it’s killing the family if we are honest with ourselves.

© 2012, David Stelzl

Great Classes for Homeschool

When I started homeschooling 20 years ago, I kept looking back at my own education experience, asking “What was I doing in X grade?” This is common, but a mistake – it’s wrong thinking.  Hands on, practical learning, beats eight hours in the classroom any day.  Here’s one of the classes I taught this past year…building a bathroom.  What did we learn?

  • Budgeting and counting the cost.  A few months ago the picture above was just studs and sub-floor.  It took some budgeting and planning to get to this point.
  • Project management skills – timelines, estimates, materials, and prioritizing steps.
  • Research skills – when we started, we didn’t know all we needed to know. There were electricity and other building codes to research, as well as carpentry skills to master (such as tiling the bathtub walls and the floor).
  • Team work – two of my sons and I did this together, working side by side.
  • Problem solving – this goes without saying, but any building project like this one is bound to run into some problems.
  • Character – and sometimes things don’t go as planned, creating the perfect character building situation.

Don’t look only to text books for your lesson plans.  Start looking around. This class has the potential of creating a number of long term business opportunities, or at least teaches skills that will be used in almost any business.

© 2012, David Stelzl